Houdini Core
Mietlizenz für 1 Jahr
                          €  1.995.- (zzgl. MwSt.)
                                        (€ 2.374,05 inkl. MwSt.)

Houdini Core
-locked perpetual inkl. 1 Jahr UpgradePlan
                          €  2.995.- (zzgl. MwSt.)
                                        (€ 3.564,05 inkl. MwSt.)


Houdini FX
Mietlizenz für 1 Jahr
                          € 4.995.- (zzgl. MwSt.)
                                      (€ 5.944,05 inkl. MwSt.)

Houdini FX
node-locked perpetual inkl. 1 Jahr UpgradePlan
                          € 6.995.- (zzgl. MwSt.)
                                      (€ 8.324,05 inkl. MwSt.)

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SideFX Houdini

Houdini is built from the ground up to be a procedural system that empowers artists to work freely, create multiple iterations and rapidly share workflows with colleagues.

Film & TV
Create more shots under tight deadlines while achieving feature film quality results with Houdini’s procedural node-based workflow.

Game developers face a growing demand to build huge immersive worlds populated with vast amounts of content.

Motion Graphics
Designers, animators and storytellers use motion graphics to create content that stimulates audiences using powerful and compelling visuals.

Virtual and Augmented Reality creates a complete experience that takes the viewer to places they've never been before.

Houdini FX
Houdini FX delivers a powerful and accessible 3D experience with its procedural node-based workflow, while providing tools for simulating fluids, destruction fx, pyro fx, grains, cloth and crowds.

Houdini CORE
Houdini Core is designed for modelers, lighters, character riggers, animators and game artists. Scenes and digital assets created in Houdini FX can be opened, manipulated and rendered in Houdini Core.


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